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Plastic Injection Molding Services

4FM brings you more than 70 years of management experience. With our key strategic partners, we can offer nearly all manufacturing processes and products, including: we can offer nearly all manufacturing processes and products, including:

• Concepts & Renderings
• Product Design
• Rapid Verification Models
• Pre-Prototype Parts
• Prototype Tooling & Parts
• Limited Production/Bridge Tooling
• Short/Low Volume Production Molding
• Production Tooling & Molded Product
• B&B / Repair Services
• Vacuum Forming
• Blow Molded Plastics
• Functional Castings
• Machined Parts
• Stampings
• Assembly
• Decorating (e.g. pad printing, hydro-graphics, and chrome plating)
• Plastics Decorating
• Silicone Molds

What we do:

Production Tooling: 4FM builds plastic injection tooling (molds) capable of producing 100,000+ parts, using high-grade alloys such as P-20, H-13 and SS420.

Low Volume Production Tooling: 4FM builds injection molds for lower volume production jobs or to support mild steel or high grade aluminum production. These molds are generally faster and less expensive, but have a shorter tool/mold life.

Prototype Tooling: 4FM builds injection molds for product development and rapid turnaround of production intent plastic parts using aluminum, composite or silicone tooling .

Plastic Injection Molding: 4FM molds plastic prototype and production parts from either molds 4FM creates or molds you supply.

Tool & Die Service: 4FM provides maintenance or performs tooling changes on customer-owned molds.

Plastic Injection Molding Integration: 4FM integrates services between you and off-shore tooling sources. We source, receive, re-assemble, mold tooling, measure parts using coordinate measuring machine and provide a dimensional/quality study to you. If changes or enhancements are needed, we re-evaluate and a finished, corrected, ready-to-mold tool is delivered to you.

Rapid Prototyping: We provide rapid, 3D models created from multiple materials using CAD data you provide.


Quick Fact

Why 4FM - Manufacturing Expertise:

4FM employs a top-notch team of tooling and design personnel who have more than 70 years of combined experience as managers, tool makers, and designers. Every team member is committed and accountable to your success.

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