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4front Manufacturing has introduced rapid tooling to local and national markets using high-speed milling, quick disconnect set-ups, and MUD bases. With a full-service tool shop and in-house services, we have the capabilities to take your product from design to physical parts.

With over 23,000 square feet of full-service manufacturing capabilities located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ, 4front Manufacturing proudly houses 7 molding machines with capabilities ranging from 55 tons to 330 tons. Each machine is equipped with robotics, temperature control systems, granulators, desiccant dryers and a world-class central chilling system. Our fully equipped on-site tool shop offers immediate solutions to any molding needs throughout the manufacturing process, including new tool builds.

plastic injection molding equipment

• 90 ton Mitsubishi Molding Machine - with robots
• 180 ton Mitsubishi Molding Machine
• 210 ton Mitsubishi Molding Machine
• 55 ton Battenfeld Molding Machine - with robots
• 160 ton Battenfeld Molding Machine - with robots
• 300 ton Battenfeld Molding Machine
330 ton Battenfeld Molding Machine


• CNC – Fadal, Daewoo, Mikron HSM
• EDM – Form 30, Roboform 30, Robofil 310, Hole Popper
• Manual Vertical Mills – Sharp, Acer
• Manual Lathe – Goodway
• Surface Grinders – Mitsui, Chevalier, Kent

plastic injection molding precision tooling


• Bore Micrometer
• Vernier Calipers
• Ring Gauges
• Digital Balance
• Gauge Blocks
• Moisture Analyzer
• Pin Gauges
• Optical Comparator
• Profilometer

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